GrandBlue online payment

Making payments towards GrandBlue is easy and secure; all you have to do is click the ‘Pay’ button and you will be automatically redirected to our secure payment gateway at the Siam Commercial Bank. You enter your card data online at SCB Bank, which provides the highest protection levels.

Please note.., to complete your online payment you will need a GrandBlue reference number.
GrandBlue 在线支付

向 GrandBlue 付款既简单又安全;您只需点击“付款”按钮,您将自动重定向到暹罗商业银行的安全支付网关。您可以在 SCB Bank 在线输入您的卡数据,该数据提供最高的保护级别。

请注意..,要完成在线支付,您需要一个 GrandBlue 参考号

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